We have noticed a surge in Local business going online in the last 5 years.

Numerous factors contributed towards it, Boom in mobile device usage, cheaper internet, and reliability on the search engines to name a few.

But this has also caused bigger competition amongst local rivals. No matter who has a bigger shop it also all depended on who is ranking better. 

Small businesses have started heavily investing in Local SEO, Facebook advertisements and are generating great ROI. 

New businesses shouldn’t feel they are late entrants into the world of Local SEO, as their competitors have already taken over the search engine, this is not true, nothing is constant here and any work on your website towards optimization will yield good fruits. 

So let’s get back to the topic, these are three simple yet highly effective optimization techniques that have resulted in tons of traffic and revenue. We strongly recommend it as we have tried, tested, and conquered this technique. 

1) Keywords and Content – 

This is the backbone, once the website wireframe or even the website up and ready, go back to the drawing-room and research a few keywords that describe or are apt for your business and add the location to it, for example, if you are in the plumbing business in Sydney, the keyword can be Plumbers in Sydney. Once we have a set of keywords ready ensure we write content around the services offered which brings in those researched keywords naturally in the write-up. The home page will be a key page hence ensure you have close to 400 words of optimized content on the home page itself. 

2) Internal Linking and Meta optimization – 

So we have the optimized content added on the website now it’s time to further optimize it by connecting pages through proper anchor text (keywords preferably) and all the pages on the website should be optimized for the following factors 

Title optimization – Target 1 or 2 keywords with location and Business name

Meta description optimization – Keep it simple, explain the service offering and ensure you mention the business name and location in it. 

H1 optimization – Insert the page related keyword with location

Footer optimization – Add relevant page links along with the address in the footer

Schema optimization – Add local business schema. 

3) Google My Business and Busines Listing – 

Though we are not inclined towards building links, we strongly recommend signing for Google business add all relevant details about the business. 

The business listing also plays an important role in getting high authority links and spreading NAP(NAP is an acronym for Name, Address, and Phone number) information of your business across relevant listing sites. 

Ensure you are consistent across the use of NAP information on business listing sites. 

It’s advised to create a sheet with the following column headings and use this information while building links. 

  • Business Name
  • Business Description
  • Address
  • Phone no
  • Email ID
  • Working hours 
  • Contact person
  • Logo

That’s it do all these activities in a week and then sit back. 

Do let us know once you have tested it.